Midwest Retreats | Renew, Rejuvenate, Radiate

Join Erin + Andrea for their bi-yearly Renewal Retreat May 5-7, 2023

This is for you if you are in need of a renewal of mind, body and spirit.
This life is so chaotic and we have to increase our pace to keep up with all the things. This is a time to unwind, be with like-minded people and enjoy your time going within.

Renew, Rejuvenate, Radiate

If you are feeling stressed, overwhelmed and like you need to push the pause button and get back to you, re-create some self love and self care practices and have clarity on what is most important to you at this time.
Join us for this healing, renewing and peaceful adventure!
This retreat will focus on new beginnings and cultivating and nurturing your creativity and plans for your future.


A lot of the people that come on retreat with us say that they feel guilty leaving their kids for the weekend, or for “spending” the money on themselves.  I am here to say if you don’t take time out for you to pause and give back to yourself, then eventually you will burn out from all the doing for others.

How can we give from empty cups?

You have to see yourself as worthy and deserving of a weekend to fill up your cup.

Come and join us, because you deserve it!!

The outer world is a reflection of our inner world, so when we do the inner work to get you back in touch with and connected to, who you are (your authentic self) you feel:

I empower women, just like you, to do all of this and more. through my retreats, workshops, yoga and programs.

The truth is that when you get in alignment and start living from an authentic place, everything around you changes.

I help you release yourself from the deep-seated belief that you are not good enough and unworthy in some way, so you can be the woman you were meant to be, one that is empowered, has direction and clarity on what is next in your life and who learns to love who you are!

The energy of being in sacred circle with other like-minded individuals doing high-vibe yoga and workshops awakens you in new ways and lets the old patterns begin to fall away.

We will cover topics of shifting out of unworthiness into empowered self love and confidence, working on your physical body through yoga and clean eating (vegetarian, gluten-free and dairy free meals).

Find Yourself on Retreat at Prairie Woods in Hiawatha, IA

Space is Limited! We only have a few spots left on this retreat!

Something profound happens when you decide to commit to a week long retreat where you eat clean, do yoga, attend powerful workshops, do energy work and try new things.

As long as you stay open to the process and not try to fight it, but instead relax into it, you can’t help but to release some of your old patterns that are no longer serving you and step into your truth.

I witness this any time I take a group on a retreat.  It happens more effortlessly than when we are at home, caught up in our day to day life.

We can’t go as deep because something is always pulling us back into our reality of kids, job, house, and so on.

Each woman who came shared:

"I will never be the same after this retreat."

The Food

A delicious and nutritious diet is crucial to a successful retreat experience.

Our Chef will prepare healthy, nutritional meals.

The meals will be gluten-free, dairy-free, and vegetarian.

Take this time to give your body time to detox from the stress of everyday life by eating this specially prepared, very delicious vegetarian diet!

Your Retreat Leaders

From left to right:

Erin McGuire (that’s me!).  I have been a yoga teacher for over 11 years.  I have taught around the world, London, Thailand, Bali, Costa Rica, Greece, and all over the U.S.  I have been leading retreats since 2014 and I absolutely love empowering people on retreat.  

It is a privilege that I do not take lightly to lead a group ready to expand and grow on retreat.  I understand that it takes a lot of trust in me as the leader to know that you will be well guided and safe, as well as have an incredible experience.  I am honored to be that guide and know you are in the best hands when you commit to our retreat.  You will have the best experience possible, because I don’t settle for less!  If you are open to new experiences and ready to try new things and maybe even get a little uncomfortable at times (part of the growth process) then you are most definitely in the right place.  I promise you that you will return home having had a life changing trip, one that stays with you forever.

Andrea Parks.  I met Andrea in 2014 when I taught a workshop at her studio on a visit to Iowa when I was living in Los Angeles.  When I decided to move back to Iowa, I reached out to Andrea to teach an 8 week kundalini yoga series at her studio Toula.  On the last day, I had this intuitive hit to ask her if she ever thought of doing yoga teacher trainings.  I guess you could say the rest is history.  We are currently teaching our 6th teacher training through Cloud Nine Yoga and we have taught many retreats together-including Greece, which is where the above picture was taken!  We love what we do!

Andrea owns Toula Yoga studio in Cedar Rapids, IA which offers quality instruction for individuals of all ages and abilities to develop strong, healthy bodies; calm, content minds; and receptive, open hearted spirits, which will help them become fully present in their lives and the world around them. She has been doing yoga since 1999.

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$ 475
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