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Inspirational Speaking

Hire me for your next speaking event, pampering party, networking group, or gathering.  I have given talks and taught workshops all over the world involving Yoga, Manifesting, Mindfulness, Mind Training, The Subconscious Mind, How To Live Your Best Life Now, Soul on Fire Sessions, Positivity, Awareness, Ayurvedic Nutrition, How to succeed in Business and Relationships, and How You Can Have Anything You Desire.  I have also helped corporate employees find more peace in their day, therefore generating more creative and clearer work!

It is a great offering to a friend, or family gathering, corporate discussion, or at your yoga studio, or spiritual center.

I bring a lot of energy and uplift those I speak to.  My guarantee is that your guests will feel lighter, brighter and more clear of what they want!

I have also taught yoga and workshops at festivals and I love speaking and working with groups.

I would love to speak with you about your event and I would be honored to be involved!  Please contact me at, or 424-272-1403

Pricing varies due to travel time, location and which services you would like me to provide.  Contact me for more information.

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