My Inner Child Meditation

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This is my healing the inner child meditation to follow along with as a guided meditation. Inner child work is at the root of healing emotional patterns and triggers and truly learning to love yourself. When I first did this work I had a huge emotional release as I learned that no one outside of me was ever going to fill the gaping hole in my heart, but me.
Growing up in chaos with an alcoholic mother who did not give me the unconditional love that I deserved, I had to learn how to give that to myself so I could be a healthier person in my relationships. This exact meditation is what I used to do that. Listen to it often, it will heal your soul. Please let me know how it has affected your life and please share with those that could use it.
Be brave and courageous and do the work, it will heal you! Resistance will most likely come up to this kind of work, push through it and trust me when I say it will help you heal your old patterns. I am here if you need any support on this journey, this is part of the transformative work I do with my clients All my love, Erin

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