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NOW is a perfect time to be HAPPY!

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Couldn’t think of a better message myself. Choose NOW to make your life happy, no matter what has happened to you in the past, no matter how bad it seems right now, you get to choose how you respond and react to everything. There are people who, right now, are achieving the impossible. Stephen Hawking wrote books and changed the world from his wheelchair, and couldn’t move his body, or even talk for that matter. Stevie Wonder is blind and plays the piano and sings amazingly. There are 90 year old’s teaching yoga and running marathons. There are people with chronic, life threatening diseases starting non-profits and giving speeches while hooked up to oxygen tanks. What is our excuse? I say this to myself too, because I want to be an author and speaker and I have yet to really do that. I have done both in some capacities, but not fully. So what are you waiting for? Stop making the excuses, stop saying you are too old, too big, too skinny, not ready, not perfect. Choose your joy now. The world is waiting for you. 
And if you need that extra push to get you going in the right direction, join me for a 12 week Alchemy Program. We work on you accomplishing your goals, we dig deep and do the dirty work of letting the bullshit go so you can be more emotionally and mentally free. 💫When you are you have more energy to create what is important to you. You are less reactive. 🎉 You are empowered! 💪 Ladies only. 💃. Now is a good time! 🦄 Email me at to learn more about the next session!  

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