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40 Days To Radical Self Love

Everyday you will receive an email with your self love exercise to be done that day. Something that won’t take too long, but will allow you to go deeper into loving yourself!

There will also be a Facebook group to leave comments and stay in touch with other Radical Self Love friends! Let’s do this!

As women we often put ourselves last on the list of things to take care of.

When we are busy our self care is the first thing to go. We often feel selfish to put our self before anyone else. What if instead of seeing it as selfish, we see it as necessary? In order to really care for our families, partners and friends we must come from a place where our cups our full. That is what this program will do, help you to create a new habit of self care and self love.

What’s Included in the Program?

Daily Emails with Self love exercises.

Each day for 40 Days you receive an email with an exercise, tool, or journal prompt to help you rewire your brain, release limiting patterns and beliefs so you can have more self love!

My 15 min Manifestation Meditation

Training our minds away from self sabotage and towards self love starts with meditation. This meditation will help you go deeper into discovering what it is that you want.

My 1.5 hour Kundalini Yoga Class

Kundalini yoga is the yoga of awakening and will connect you more deeply to your intuition. It is mentally challenging, but so good to release old patterns keeping you stuck.

2 Bonus Recorded Calls

Intended to help you go deeper as you listen to me answer some commonly asked questions.

This Program is For You If:

I created this program for myself after having gone through several painful breakups and realizing maybe it wasn’t the men I was dating with the problems, maybe it was me. I saw areas in my life where I could love myself even more, knowing if I did that I would attract the kind of love I wanted. I grew up with an alcoholic, where it was not safe to share how I felt, or what I needed. I learned to shut down and not share my feelings in order to be safe, as an adult I would do that in relationships. I began to see how self love has levels and I learned how to work through those levels to even deeper self love than I had ever known. So I decided to share that knowledge with others!

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