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How to Stay Positive During A Most Intense Time

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It seems as though things are quite chaotic.  I have been able to escape it for the most part, living up in Topanga Canyon out of the city and near nature. Yet life calls me back to the city at least once a week to work with a client there, to get my car fixed, to get my taxes done.  And when I leave my sanctuary and head back through the heaviness that I feel there, the chaotic nodes, the tension that I feel from everyone, the insane driving and the long waiting,  and the ever present shopping centers stacked one on top of the other, I get to experience the feelings of what others are going through.  I have to admit I don’t like leaving.  I could avoid it all together if I really wanted to, but I love my client and completely trust my mechanic and have had the same tax person for 7 years, so habitually I go back.
It seems to me and maybe I am just extra sensitive now living up in Topanga Canyon that there is a level of intensity that is more extreme than I have felt before.  Do you feel it?  Can you relate to that?
While walking this morning with a friend, she said beautifully that “There is a lot of intensity right now, but there is also a lot of really beautiful light that we can access too.”  Such is the time we are living in.  There is talk by astrologers that April is going to be a very intense month.  We are entering a Grand Cross that only happens every so many years and brings with it big change.  I believe we can look at that one of two ways just as my friend Chloe spoke of.  What do we want to focus our attention on?  What do we want to highlight?  The crazy, chaotic nature of existence right now, or the amazing light energy that is full of healing that we all have access to?

While teaching a Kundalini Yoga class on Saturday out in nature in Topanga Canyon State Park, I was getting a lot of very clear communication.  The message was that this is a time where what we think negatively will manifest instantly.  The message was so clear and was moving through me so fast that I found myself yelling a bit, to which I apologized to the students and they all said no that is a good thing the message went straight to my heart.  I think it is safe to say that we don’t always know what is going on, but we must have faith that there are amazing forces, full of light that are working through us and with us to uplift not only ourselves, but others.
So while our thoughts and words are ALWAYS powerful, literally now at this time ANYTHING that we think or say that is negative will manifest fairly instantly.  I can not stress that enough. 
Does it mean you have to walk around all super spiritual and lovey dovey and pour pink paint on your problems and the world’s problems and pretend they don’t exist?  Absolutely not.  But it is a time that what we project onto things makes them grow bigger, especially anything we project negatively.  Keep focusing on what you want in your life, regardless of presenting circumstances, and how you want the world to be.  Do something about a cause that is important to you.  Start a revolution if you want.  Being spiritual does not mean being ignorant.  It means we look at the world and what is going on and understand it is a refection of us.  So we go and do our inner work by meditating and focusing our energy and imagination on what we want And take a stand for what we believe.  It is both.
Your biggest task this month is to WATCH YOUR THOUGHTS!  For our thoughts become our reality.  Do whatever you have to do to not let those old programs of lack run through your mind.  Now is not the time.  Let’s let the light in and allow ourselves to move forward with grace and ease.

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