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Stop Living in What if and Start Living in What IS!

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The land of what ifs can trap us. It is constantly asking questions like well if I do this then what if this happens, or what if that happens? What is that doing, it is keeping us in our minds, trying to piece everything together and not really living in the moment. When we are sitting there mulling over every possible outcome we are not really in the moment of just being with what is. We are truly missing out. Besides we can always ask the question what if we die tomorrow? If you are really going to live in the land of what if then you need to ask yourself that question. That is a reality, we could die tomorrow, so why ponder every possible outcome under the sun for your current situation? Stop living in what if. It is a trap. It is your mind trying to control every situation. Instead when you feel yourself going there, pondering every reason to not do something, stop and tune into your heart. Get quiet and listen to what your heart wants. It is trying to tell you something, but the incessant mind chatter is blocking that out. There is no what if, there is only what is. Listen to your heart, get out of your mind. You will feel more peace and joy when you do.

Love and Light,


July 19, 2010

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