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Tell me, What are you afraid of?

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A simple four letter word that quite literally rules our life.  We are driven by our fears.  We act out of our fears and we live in our fears.  The problem is that a lot of our fears we are not even aware of.  They live in the hidden parts of our vast subconscious mind and we are unconsciously driven by them.
As I have made it a commitment in my life to choose love over fear, one by one my fears come to the surface to be examined and lovingly held.  

Most of my fears were from things that have happened to me as a child.  The little child inside of us holds all of the experiences we witnessed as children that were scary.  Where the person who was supposed to be taking care of us and loving us lashed out in some way, or where we were put in unsafe situations by those who were supposed to keep us safe.  The little child inside of us still holds those memories and in one way or another we keep acting them out.

We hold back from our greatness, we sabotage our lives either in relationships, careers, or money.  What is most saddening of all is that we lock away our dreams and happiness and throw away the key, because it is just too painful to look at any more, or we are scared of what it means to truly live a fulfilling life.

Yes Fear is a dream killer.  Fear kills happiness, joy and peace.
It takes a lot of daily effort and work to choose love over fear, but the peace on the other side of that fear is worth any and all work you have to do to get there.  Each fear that I recognize and overcome gives me an overwhelming sense of gratitude and peace.  I really feel a sense of accomplishment when I recognize and overcome it!

It gives me great joy to help others overcome their fears through the Spiritual Navigation work that I do.  Helping others move out of fear and into their purposeful and joy-filled life is my mission!

                                                              Here are 3 Steps to Help You Move Past Fear:  
1. Identify it and bring awareness to it.  Write it down so you get it out of you and on paper. A lot of times fear shows itself as anger, sadness, resentment, anxiety and even depression.  If you have a feeling like this, be aware that there is a fear underneath.
2. Ask yourself what am I afraid of?  The fear always comes with a message that if sat with can give you very valuable information as to why you got scared in the first place.  Talk to the part of you (the little child inside) that is scared, like you would any scared child.  Most of our fears are not due to immediate danger in that moment.  So talk to yourself, ask what you are afraid of and tell your little child inside that nothing can harm them right now.  You are safe.
3. Imagine the outcome you desire.  If your fear is of moving forward with a project, writing a book, starting a blog, or taking up a new exercise.  Visualize what you want for yourself being easy and effortless.  Then do that thing anyway.  Be willing to get uncomfortable.  The only way out of fear is through it.  And the best way through it is by doing whatever it is that scares you.

   F.E.A.R-Forget Everything And Run, OR
Face Everything and RISE.

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