Pai, Thailand Retreat 2024

Elevate Retreat-a retreat up in the mountains of northern Thailand. Elevate yourself mind, body and spirit. Join me on the journey of a lifetime from January 14-21, 2024.

Are You Ready To:

  1. Push the pause button, reset and renew yourself in a beautiful, spiritual location with like-minded people?
  2. Let go of some things that no longer serve you so you can up-level and rise?
  3. Live life from an empowered and authentic place, where you trust yourself and make choices that are in alignment with who you are

Then join me on this retreat!

I empower women, just like you, to do all of this and more.

The truth is that when you get in alignment and start living from an authentic place, everything around you changes.

The outer world is a reflection of our inner world, so when we do the inner work to get you back in touch with and connected to, who you are (your authentic self) the following happens:

We will be supporting you to step into your warrior spirit through these ancient lands.  This will allow you to align with your desires in your life.

We will be eating food made by vegan chef and retreat site owner Kob.  We are so lucky to have her making some of the best raw, vegan and vegetarian food you will ever experience!

We will work on mental freedom, by releasing you from the bondages of the mind, limiting beliefs and self sabotage that we so often do to ourselves.

We work on freeing the emotions, experiencing vibrant energy and accessing your vital inner power.

We will be experiencing several sacred ceremonies and exploring the essence of the culture.

Find Yourself on Retreat in Pai, Thailand

7 nights and 8 days in the beautiful mountains of northern Thailand. 

Pai is a beautiful mountain village in northern Thailand, famous for its idyllic natural scenery and laid-back bohemian vibe. Enjoy some of the most breathtaking views that Thailand has to offer. 

We will be staying at the lovely Paina Paita. The way of life at PaiNa PaiTa is about sharing a simple living, spending the time we have together in harmony with nature around us.  From early morning mists at sunrise to stargazing at night, every moment is cherished in the peaceful and natural surroundings at PaiNa PaiTa.


Space is Limited!

Something profound happens when you decide to commit to a week long retreat where you eat clean, do yoga, attend powerful workshops, do energy work and try new things.

As long as you stay open to the process and not try to fight it, but instead relax into it, you can’t help but to release some of your old patterns that are no longer serving you and step into your truth.

I witness this any time I take a group on a retreat.  It happens more effortlessly than when we are at home, caught up in our day to day life.

We can’t go as deep because something is always pulling us back into our reality of kids, job, house, and so on.

Each woman who came shared:

"I will never be the same after this retreat."


PaiNa PaiTa is a unique resort with homes made of natural materials like clay and bamboo. We are happy to share the Pai lifestyle in a traditional and natural setting.

This is more of an eco style, all natural vibe of hotel space.  These are NOT luxury suites.  Please keep that in mind when booking.  This retreat is about getting back to nature and our location will support this theme.

The Food

Food from local, organic farms home cooked into delicious traditional dishes.  Vegan and vegetarian, all of our options are a healthy way to feed you body and soul.  We believe that cooking is the most exclusive form of art.  All of this comes from our hearts as well as the local organic farms of Pai.  Most important is the rice which carries generations of organic farming and cultural importance to us.  We hope to bring happiness to your hearts and stomachs with the food from our kitchen. 

Your Pai Team

Erin McGuire (that’s me!).  I have taught over 25 retreats, both in the States and internationally.   Teaching and supporting others in being the most empowered versions of themselves is my passion.  My mission during my lifetime is to eradicate the feeling of unworthiness and not good enough, to the extent that I can!  I feel so strongly that when you can let these destructive patterns go your whole life changes.  When you feel good about yourself, you treat everyone around you better and so the ripple effect happens.

It is a privilege that I do not take lightly to lead a group ready to expand and grow on a trip that may be on the other side of the world to you.  I understand that it takes a lot of trust in me as the leader to know that you will be well guided and safe, as well as have an incredible experience.  I am honored to be that guide and know you are in the best hands when you commit to my retreat.  You will have the best experience possible, because I don’t settle for less!  If you are open to new experiences and ready to try new things and maybe even get a little uncomfortable at times (part of the growth process) then you are most definitely in the right place.  I promise you that you will return home having had a life changing trip, one that stays with you forever.

Kob-a radiant woman I met by accident when I was visiting Pai.  She is owner of the retreat center we are staying at and a Thai vegan chef.  The story of how I met her is crazy.  

I always say I am not in charge of these retreats coming together, they are co-created with Spirit.  I had went to northern Thailand, both to visit it for myself, but also to find a location to hold a retreat.  

On my second to last day in Pai, after not really finding what I was looking for, I was driving on my motorbike and saw this interesting looking place.  I then saw a painting of a cat doing yoga (both things I love), so naturally I had to stop to take a picture.  

A Thai man came around the corner and said come back here.  I followed him.  He led me to a big open kitchen with a beautiful view.  There I met Kob and I ordered vegan ice cream and one of her homemade kombuchas.  

I started looking around and said, “Is this a retreat center?”  “Yes!!” she replied excitedly.  I told her the story that I had given up on my northern Thailand retreat because nothing was happening and here I had been led not only to a perfect location with a yoga space, but also to a vegan chef!!!???  

I can’t make this stuff up.  

So that is how this retreat came about and the magic began that day and will only grow.  

Get ready to ELEVATE!!

Plenty of great pricing options

Shared Room

(air con)

Private Room

(air con)

*A $700 non-refundable deposit holds your spot. 

*Shared rooms are only offered if you have a friend/family member to travel with.

What we will be doing on retreat & What's included:

What Do You Get?
What’s Not Included?
Additional Information:

The weather in Northern Thailand

From November to February is the winter season. Mists bring an ethereal beauty to the early mornings as they and the evenings are cooler. The days are warm with plenty of sunshine and rarely ever any rain. The cooler weather allows the forest to rest and the surrounding mountains transform into rolling hills of inviting yellows, reds and browns.

At PaiNa PaiTa, we have a communal fire pit, which we light in the mornings and evenings; a pot of Mountain Tea is always brewing. In the evenings we enjoy sitting around the fire talking, eating and having drinks.

Let me be your guide in the retreat of a lifetime, fully immerse yourself into the wonderful Thai culture, the land of smiles. 

Enjoy daily yoga, meditation and healing experiences. 

I have been leading retreats for 7 years and have been a yoga teacher/empowerment coach/ healer/guide for 13 years. I have left no stone unturned to make this a truly magical and enriching experience. 

Our program offers a blend of activities to uplift and balance your mind, body and soul. This retreat offers a balanced blend of structured activities as well as free time to relax and simply be. 

I have created a nourishing container for everyone to come together, to listen, and to journey with this ancient Thai land. 

The focus of this retreat is renewal and finding balance and equilibrium and elevating yourself. Our program includes nourishing food, restful sleep, exercise, connecting with nature, bodywork and peace and tranquility. 

Register today with your deposit to save your spot! We have limited space available!

Please email me with any questions


No!  In fact it could be your first time doing yoga and you can still participate.  The classes are all designed for all levels, so if you are advanced you will get what you need from the class and it will be advanced for you and if you are a beginner there are modifications that will be given so you can do it at the pace you feel comfortable with.
I assure you it is safe and we are here to assist you every step of the way.  If you are flying out of a place that others coming to the retreat are flying out of, I will connect you so you can fly together.  If that is not possible, then we will be there to help make sure you get the right flights and check in with me every step of the journey so I know you arrived safely.  I have traveled all over the world alone, from Europe to India and Central America I am very knowledgeable in travel and how to make it efficient and easy.  You can ask any questions you have and myself and my team will take care of the details for you.

It is also very empowering to travel alone.  You learn you are stronger than you think and you build your confidence doing such a thing!  You may be surprised by the new people you meet and the adventures you have when you travel alone.  I highly recommend it!

 Can I drink during the retreat?

Alcohol is not included and discouraged for many reasons.  That being said, I know some like to drink when on vacation.  You may drink during your free time while on the retreat, but not during, or before any planned activity that you are participating in.  This is to support the whole group and to support the growth and expansion that happens during retreat activities.

Retreats are a great time to do detoxes and to get away from habits that you may have back home.

The retreat is vegetarian and gluten free, although a lot of what we will eat is also vegan.  People often worry if they will have enough to eat if they are used to eating meat back home and I assure you that you will have enough to eat and maybe too much!  All the meals are prepared fresh with as much local ingredients as possible.  I hire only the best chefs for my retreats!

That being said, if you really feel you may need meat we can make that available, just let me know a head of time.  Vegan and raw diets are also available upon request.

The sooner you book your flight the better for you because they tend to be cheaper the farther out you buy it.  I have heard there are deals on Black Friday for flights and sometimes you can get good last minute deals.  I always use and have had excellent experience with them.  When I go to Asia I usually fly Eva Air, or Cathay Pacific.


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