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The first organ to develop in a human fetus…the heart!

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Have you stopped to listen to your heart today? One of my dear friends called and told me she was pregnant. It reminded me that the heart is the first organ that develops in a human fetus. The First organ that develops!


This got me thinking. If the heart is the first organ that develops, why do we not listen to it All the time!! Why then do we consult first to our brains to sort out our life, our hopes and dreams? The heart comes first in our development, it should also come first in our decision making. But all too often we get caught up in our heads. Trying to figure it out, crunch numbers, trying to see if we can afford this or that, coming up with a thousand different reasons why following our heart may not make sense. So we settle for less than what our heart’s purest intent is and we end up unsatisfied.


I invite you to stop what you are doing, place a hand on your belly and a hand on your heart. Begin to tune in to that inner awareness, your chest moving up and down with each breath, your belly expanding and contracting, the beat of your heart and begin to listen. Really Listen to your heart. Begin to mentally thank your body, your organs, all of your cells and your heart for all that it does tirelessly, selflessly day in and day out. All the processes that are happening every second of every day that you are not even aware of. Thank your body. Thank your heart. Begin to tune in and listen to what it has to say. What do you want in your life, I mean Really want with passion? If there were no restraints on money and you could do, go and be absolutely anything…what would that be? Don’t let your head get in the way, just pause and listen to the heart. Sit with this for a while until something comes. It will come. Something will come through. Even if it is just that your heart wants more peace…some message will be delivered to you.


The heart is the first organ that develops, but can you hear what it is trying to say? We come into this world with a fresh, clean slate and as children we only know love. We only know how to give and receive love. But as time goes on the layers of junk and the walls begin to form a “protective” barrier around our precious heart. With good reason, we don’t want to get hurt any more than we already have. So with each new heartbreak we put up yet another wall. Until pretty soon the wall becomes so thick that even a sledgehammer could not put a dent in it. When our wall has become this thick, it is hard to hear it any more, we can not get the message from the heart, so we rely fully on the brain to do all the work. We end up feeling tired, frustrated and unhappy from living a life from our head and not our heart.


I can relate fully to this, which is why I can write about it. I was working at a job I hated, to pay the bills and live a life I thought I wanted, but in reality when I got still and listened I wanted to be free from it all. I wanted to live in another country and experience things I had never gotten the chance to experience. Every time I get still and listen some new tidbit of information comes to me and I learn even more about my heart’s purest intent. I have recently learned that I want to make a documentary. I never thought I would get back in the film industry, but my heart is calling me back there. My heart called me to Bali and I listened and it has been a wild, beautiful and amazing ride just in the two months I have been here. There is more to come and I am so thankful I listened to my heart on that one! I have never experienced a time where following my heart did not make me happy. It has just never happened for me!


What is your heart’s purest intent? Get still and listen. Our heart develops first, it is also the last organ to stop in our body when we die. The first and the last. It is vital that we begin listening to it. It is vital that we begin living from it. It is vital that we get out of our heads and into our heart. To let down our walls and be more open. So take a moment to pause, listen and see what it has to say.


From my heart to yours wishing you lots of love and light,



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