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The Time is NOW!

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I have never felt more certain that the time for letting go of excuses of why you haven’t done that thing you always wanted to do is now. We are being asked, each and every one of us to step into what we really want, to step into our bliss and to step into our magnificence. We have all been shown how the systems that are currently in place are not working for us any more. The way we have been doing things can not sustain us much longer and we will see big shifts happen in our world as the old systems begin to break down.

We have been living in a culture of affluence, which is a term used in psychology. It describes a culture that values ‘stuff’ over people, competition over cooperation and the individual over the group. This is the structure that is changing as we all begin to wake up and see that things really do work better if we cooperate with each other. The concept of cooperation will be key in this new year. It is not a time to go into chaos though, it is a time to go into deep peace and know that it is all happening for a greater good and our greater good.

What are some ways that you can become more cooperative in your family, job, neighborhood, and community? Think outside the box. Maybe it is just giving a smile to everyone you come across one day. Maybe it’s buying something for a stranger, helping an elderly woman out of her car, or buying a homeless man a sandwich. There are so many things that you can do to make a difference in your world and to be more cooperative with those around you.

A text that I sent to a friend of mine: Patience my friend. Live for traveling and rainbows, sunsets and magic. Live for the beauty that you are and the light that you bring to others.
We all have the ability to bring light to those we interact with. We also have the choice to bring negative energy to the people we come into contact with. It is about shifting our own awareness that helps us shift the people around us. That allows us to uplift those around us, literally without doing a thing. Just by being who we are in our highest state of being.
“And as the light of one candle can light thousands of candles, you must first illuminate your own consciousness. Awaken your own awareness. Then you can help. Then you can serve.” Harijiwan
We have to live each day forward for what brings us happiness and peace. We have to recognize if we are stressed out about something, fearful of something, resisting something. Those are the things/people/situations that we begin to let go of. As we begin to live each day for what brings us joy and happiness the world around us changes. It’s time to stop making excuses. It’s time to live for what you truly want. It’s time to step, one step at a time into living the life you truly want, a life you only thought was possible in a dream. The time is definitely now and you are here for a purpose during this special time in our history. It is up to you to find that purpose.
Follow the desires of your heart. Listen to them, their whispers are speaking to you for a reason. Stop making the excuses not to listen. They are the drum beat that keep you moving forward. Open up and listen…
Love and Light,

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