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What Do You Want to Be Able To Say At the End of Your Life?

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I had the fortunate experience of working in a nursing home in high school.  I think around the age of 16-18.  I got to talk every day to elderly people at the end of their life.  They often shared with me their regrets of wishing they had done things differently.  I promised myself then that I would live a life free of regrets.
I know it may sound morbid to some, but I think it is a very powerful question to ask yourself.  On your death bed, what do you want to be able to say?  That you lived your life to the fullest?  That you accomplished your mission here?  That you are fulfilled?  Or that you have regrets, wished you would have done things differently, or wish you would have done that one thing you always wanted to do?
There are several things I know for certain that you will not be pondering on your death bed.  Like the little day to day quarrels you may have, the money in your bank account, that you should have stayed at that job you hated longer, how your boss treated you, what you were wearing, want kind of car you were driving, how big your house was, etc.
I don’t believe that when we die that that is it, I believe that the spirit moves on and does what it needs to do next, whatever that is.  I had an out of body experience once that showed me this to be true.  It was as if I had unzipped my “human suit” it fell to the floor like clothes and I shot out of my body as a light being flying through outer space.  Now, I can’t believe I just shared that with you on a public blog, but I believe that experience happened to me so that I could share it.  I felt it. I know what the feeling of pure bliss, flying past the stars feels like.  We are pure bliss, covered with scars that we need to get past in order to remember we are pure bliss again.  If you don’t believe me, look at a baby-pure bliss and joy. 
I have asked this question to my life coaching clients lately.  When you are lying on your deathbed will you have regretted not trying that one thing you have always wanted to try that makes you the happiest when you do it? 
We must take steps towards that thing that makes us happiest.  It doesn’t mean that we quit our job and renounce all of our belongings to do it, but take baby steps towards fulfilling that dream.
I have a client who, when I asked her the question she said she has always wanted to sing and dance on Broadway.  But she feels, and has been told she has a terrible voice, so she has put that dream off to the side.  I am encouraging her to take voice lessons, or dance lessons to take a step towards her dream.  That is what I mean by baby steps.
I decided to write this blog after one night before falling asleep, I was laying on my bed and looking up at a picture I have in my room that just says LOVE.  I laid there thinking “Have I loved with my Whole Heart?”  I saw places where I could love more.  I decided that at the end of my life, I want to be able to say that I lived as much as I possibly could present in the moment and that I loved with my whole heart.  Of course there are things I want to accomplish too, that I am taking steps towards everyday, but that was the common theme that I wanted to have at the end of my days in this human body, on this planet, at this time.
What do you want to be able to say at the end of your life?  Please comment below!

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