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Private Retreat Packages

Private Retreat Packages

Remember that dream get away  you have been meaning to take?  Remember that relaxing time in a tropical place you keep thinking about, but life keeps getting in the way and pushing that dream farther and farther away?  Maybe you just don’t have the time to organize it, plan it, or put it into action.  That is where I come in!

Pure Light Wellness offers

Pure Light Wellness offers many different ways to relax, rejuvenate and reset yourself!  The good news is that you don’t have to leave and go to some tropical location to refresh yourself, it does help, but Pure Light Wellness also offers packages that can happen right in your home, or in the surrounding area.

Personal Private Yoga Retreat!

Personal Private Yoga Retreat!  Yes, you heard right!  You hire me, I give you the best vacation of your life, or at least the most transformational one!  I have taught yoga around the world in Bali, Thailand and Europe, as well as all over the U.S.  Where do you desire going?  I plan the whole trip, after getting all the detailed information from you on what you are wanting.  Then you get to experience your vacation with your very own Private Yoga and Meditation Instructor, Reiki Master and Spiritual Navigation Coach!  You still get time to yourself and to explore the place, but I will create a schedule of healing and transformational experiences for you.

Some favorite places of mine for your personal, private yoga retreat:

Why hire me for your personal, private yoga retreat?

Because I promise you a transformational, literally life-changing experience.  I have traveled the world and I know the power of combining a meditative, yogic approach to travel and how much deeper that makes everything.  I come well equipped with many different services that I offer including Theta Healing, Reiki, Energy Clearing, Yoga, Assisted Stretching, Life Coaching and more.  You will get all of that, if you so choose it, on your personal, private retreat.  You can also bring your spouse, partner, or friends.

I do the planning, which means you do the relaxing!

A typical schedule would include: Yoga and Meditation in the morning, an outing to a temple/some sort of spiritual place during the day and/or personal coaching, or energy work and either a meditation, yoga class, or energy work at night.  I vary this schedule and allow for changes if you want to go out and visit something of interest to you.

I believe life should be fun and vacations should be enjoyable, relaxing and uplifting.  When we leave our comfort zone we open ourselves up for exploration of all those areas in our life that we have been missing out on.  When you travel and take the time to really be with yourself and do healing work, as well as get out and see cool places, you quite literally come back a different person!  I love exploring and I love adventures.  You are guaranteed fun, transformation and joyful experiences!

This is a retreat for your mind, body and soul!  I hope you will join me on the adventure!  Please contact me for details:, or 424-272-1403.


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