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What Identities Do You Hold?

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We all have identities that we have taken on.  What most of us do not know is that these identities hold a list of rules that go along with them.  For instance I am a yoga instructor the rules that go along with being a yoga instructor include: I have to drink green juice everyday, I have to practice everyday for 1.5 hours, I can never drink coffee, I have to remain peaceful at all times, I have to go to kirtans every week, I have to wear a mala, etc.  You can see that this list is one that I have created in my own mind, however we all create these lists of rules of what it means to be a certain thing and then we put those rules on other people.  So now there are thousands of different rules that go along with the identity that we accept for who we are.  To top that off, we also have several ways of identifying ourself, our place in our family (mother, daughter, sister, wife, etc) our religion if we have one, our job, our social groups, our posessions, etc.

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