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What is it that we fear most?

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I have been pondering a lot of things lately. I have a dear friend that always tells me, what do you want Erin? What do you really want? I said I want private yoga clients. She said why? Because, that way I will have consistent money coming in and will be able to live my life and go travel. Why, she asked. Because I want to travel. After some serious questions, we finally got to what it is that I really want…to be free, to have that freedom some people I know have, to just go live in another country for a bit, experience a new way of life. My roommate tells me it is in my blood to travel, I believe her. My body aches for it, I feel so alive when I travel. I did not even realize it, but I had a fear of being trapped, or stuck. I thought that by figuring out that I want private yoga clients that that would help me achieve my final goal, of being able to travel. But ultimately what I wanted was to be able to travel around the world doing what I love. Consequently I have not been getting any private yoga clients, why because my fear was getting in the way. Energy flows where attention goes. So my attention, whether I was aware of it or not, was going to my fear of being trapped. Of being stuck in one place, unable to afford to travel and do what I love to do most. Which would ultimately would have been what might have happened, had I not gotten clear about it. Once I got clear and realized what was happening, I changed where my energy was going. Now I focus more on what I really want and the rest will follow. It is about getting clear of what it is that we really want and stripping away the things we think that we think will get us to what we really want.

Energy flows where attention goes. Getting clear and focusing on what we really want will begin to change everything. As we continue to get really clear inside, the outside will just automatically change. It is just a law of nature really.


Love and Light,


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