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What’s your numb of choice?

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As I have been diving into this writing process called the Artist’s Way (a 12 week program with exercises for helping blocked creatives) I have seen how I use just about anything to keep myself from doing the work and just sitting and writing. I will talk to a friend for hours, watch a movie, read a book for hours, get on facebook, eat sugar, go out with friends. Not that any of these things are bad, but you start to see a pattern in yourself after a while. You notice when you have set out time to do important things like write, or something creative, you suddenly find a million other things to do. This is part of being blocked. This is not just in a writing sense, but in many aspects of our life. Now I am not saying that you should sit reclusively locked in your room, void of tv, sugar and friends, but I am saying to become aware of what is keeping you blocked, most importantly what is keeping you blocked from the source of all creativity and life. What is making you fight to stay away from that source, from that light? Some people sit and watch tv endlessly, some eat their way through and others drink or smoke until they are in an oblivion. The point here is that everything is great in moderation, but if you have to do something consistently to function in this world, then it is time to look at why. I realized that I have been numbing myself with many things for many years and it is hard to come back into the world after you have done that. It is a scary thing, but it is necessary for each one of us to do if we are going to fulfill our job here on this planet. We all have a pure light that is in us that is waiting to shine out into the world and fulfill more than our mind can even imagine. What is keeping you from that light? Take time out today to think about that and maybe, before you turn on the tv this evening, instead you will sit and meditate and quiet the mind even for 5 minutes of its incessant chatter and just be with yourself and that light inside of you. Take this time to ask yourself “what do I want?” and “what am I numbing myself from?” You may be very surprised at the answer. It does not take much to make a little shift in our consciousness.

Love and light,


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