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Where are we efforting?

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I watched the movie River of Love, a movie about Amma the “hugging guru” from India. It was such a beautiful movie and Amma really lives true to her word. She was asked in the video doesn’t she get tired from the long days of sitting and hugging for hours on end, usually thousands of people in a day. To that question she replied, “Love is effortless.”

I have thought a lot about that statement. I have wondered why in my own life I get so tired. I am not working long hours any more, I am doing work that makes me happy. So why? I sometimes get crabby and wonder why? Usually when I am tired. Why am I tired so often? What am I efforting towards that is exhausting me? Where is my light not shinning and what causes it to turn off? Where am I not in the flow?
If love is effortless, where am I putting too much effort that is making me tired? It is something to think about. Until next time…
Love and light!

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