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Why Can’t I Stop My Negative Mind?

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Do you ever feel like you are attached to a ball and chain when it comes to your negative mind?  You have heard all the sayings, “Think positive,” “Be in the moment,” “Love yourself.”  You know it, yet on a day to day basis your negative mind out weighs all that you know and you find yourself falling back into old patterns that keep you stuck.
We all struggle with this.  Why?  Because our minds are trained to go away from pain and towards pleasure.  If we seek to change and grow, at the very core of who we are, even at the DNA level that may mean that our tribe will kick us out and we will die.  Now I know that can seem a bit far fetched, but think about it, we are talking about evolution and our human minds have not yet evolved out of this state of needing to protect us.  As cavemen and women we had to do whatever everyone else was doing in order to stay in the tribe, or they might kick us out and then we would starve to death.  Humans need to travel in packs.  So inherently within us that belief still lives that if we change too much, if we grow and expand, then ultimately we might die.  So our lower brain is just doing it’s job to keep us alive.  However, if we want to make a real lasting change in our life, we have to fight against that resistance and move past that old program.
The only true way I know how to do this is with consistency.  I have seen it with my clients who work with me for several months, they get the best results because it takes a bit to re-program the mind from a negative state to a more positive state.  From the lower brain, which deals with protection and keeping us alive, to the higher brain, which deals with consciousness and expansion.  To move from darkness (fear, doubt, worry anxiety, stress) to light (joy, peace, love, gratitude).  When a group of people come together and hold each other accountable, lasting change can take place.  Again, humans do better in packs.
That is why I have created my Soul on Fire Masterclass for Accessing Your Power.  The power is inherent within you and you have all the tools, but you need the accountability and group aspect to really move to that next evolution in your life, to see that change you have been yearning for.
This 8 week program will include 8 conference calls with me and your fellow Soul on Fire friends who have all said YES to moving forward with purpose and passion into accessing their power and living as a Soul on Fire.
If you’re feeling anxious, depressed, stagnant, indecisive, or needing some motivation to make the next move in your business or career – I PROMISE this is the next step to setting you FREE.
I am offering it at a special price until October 23rd.  To get all of the info please go to the page I created for it HERE

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