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Why I Believe Everyone Needs Nervous System Healing

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When it comes to the nervous system, I get a lot of questions.  This kind of work involves things that were not taught to us growing up.  It has been my experience that nervous system healing is the missing link that i needed and it helped me heal from chronic fatigue, thyroid issues and anxiety.
So to start to demystify this work, I want to answer some common questions I receive. 
What does it mean to have a dysregulated nervous system?
When you more easily go into an activated nervous system state, like fight, flight, freeze (shut down), or fawn and it is harder to come back to the calm state of the parasympathetic nervous system.
Why do I need to learn to regulate my nervous system?
Often due to traumas, or being wired a certain way in childhood and beyond our nervous systems often see things in the world as threatening and this is mostly unconscious to us. So we have no idea when we get activated, then we can get stuck. This is highly stressful on your body and can lead to many issues with your health. Learning your unique nervous system, what triggers you, how you get activated gives you the awareness so that you can then come back into a regulated nervous system. You learn tools in my program to self regulate. We will never be able to NEVER get dysregulated again, we need our stress response states, but you will have the tools to come back to regulation when you do get dysregulated.
What is somatic work and how is it different?
Soma means body in ancient Greek. Somatic work, therefore, are tools to regulate your system through the body. So often in our culture we live in our heads and are very disconnected from our bodies-this is sooo normal! I lived that way most of my life because of trauma. But when you learn how to process the sensations in your body and feel things again you will see your life can circumstances change. This work was the missing piece I needed after doing tons of yoga, energy work, mindset work and belief work. That is important too, but it is the somatic piece of teaching your body it is safe that will shift so many things for you.
Which brings up fear in some people, they are afraid to go to those places they have been avoiding-like feeling feelings and being in their bodies. This is very normal and you do this program at your pace, so you get to decide how fast, or slow you want to move through it.


Check out my video, where I tell my story of nervous system healing and what it was like for me.  

 If you want more info on my Nervous System Healing Self Paced Program go HERE

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