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Why is it Hard to Set Boundaries?

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In this video I discuss why it can be hard to set boundaries and what happens when you do set them. Boundaries are super important for self love and sometimes we have a hard time setting them and sticking to them, because of co-dependency.  We find it hard to speak our truth and then we get resentful when people don’t act the way we want them to, or if they are mean to us in some way.  We act out passive aggressively, or find substances like food, alcohol, or other addictions to numb ourselves further. That creates confusion for everyone and then we get resentful when our needs are not met.
It can be especially hard to set boundaries if you are ACOA, or HSP, because you are sensitive to the other person’s feelings and do not want to hurt them, but it is hurtful to you to not set the boundaries in the first place.  It takes radical self love to stick up for yourself, use your voice and speak your needs.
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